I have known Helen for 9 years

“… and she has helped my husband and I to buy and sell 5 homes. Before settling in this area, we relocated several times due to transfers within my husband’s company. As a result, I have worked with many different realtors and I am very familiar with the challenges of moving into a new area. You need a realtor that will work extremely hard. The challenge is not only finding the right house, but also having someone who will help you through every step of the process. Helen is perfect and I would have felt very lucky to have had her expertise to help me through some of our other moves.

Helen is so hardworking but at the same time very patient. If you want to look at 20 homes, she takes you there with a smile. When I had questions, she always got them answered. When inspection issues got difficult, she always found a way to get them resolved. I have never worked with a realtor that I respect as much as Helen. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they have always thanked me. Recently, Helen helped us to buy a condominium for my mother. The area we were looking in was outside of Helen’s geographic territory and yet she never complained. The purchase price was not high, so the commission was not equal to the amount of work she put into the purchase for us. The sellers became fairly difficult to deal with because of a tough family situation that required them to sell. My husband and I were ready to give up on several occasions but somehow Helen got us through the negotiations and my mother just LOVES her new home.”

– LF